Jenny's jewellery is structural in nature and is inspired by architectural forms and engineering methodology.


Working predominantly with silver and steel she cuts, folds, blackens, burnishes and finishes the work to achieve a hand built sensibility.


Current political and sociological discourse underpins her work.

Complexity is hidden but present in the design process.



#3 Biretta ring. Sterling silver/steel balls

#1 Box rings.Sterling silver/9ct gold

#2 Black steel bangles

#6 Over the hump ring. Sterling silver/citrine

#5 Crucifix ring. Sterling silver/blk spinel

#4  Chain earrings. Sterling silver

#9 Chain ring. Sterling silver

#8 Set of crosses. Acrylic

#7 Monday. Sterling Silver/blk spinel

#12  Fava ring. Sterling silver/acrylic/blk spinel

#11 Interactive box ring. Sterling silver

#10 U Shape ring. Steel

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Hero 2_Gold ring